Sue has a long international experience as photographer and won several prizes over the decades. Images available as prints up to 5m-wide grand format.


Sue started age 19 as photographer & reporter for newspapers & magazines for circa five years, she then worked international as photographer for businesses, entertainment industry and private clients. She won among others money prizes for her photos, did several exhibitions and sold a photos for the album cover of an popular international singer.

There was a break from photography of circa ten years in Sue's carrier as international accredited photographer, caused by her time with the movies, the deep grief about the loss of her only daughter (24yo), her work in a hospital trying to help young people on alcohol & drugs not to suffer the same fate, the passing of her gran, her husband (54yo) and both parents with cancer.

After overcoming the grief and coming back to 'the Port' (Port Adelaide) first thing she did was to buy a camera and start anew and what better place to do so as in our Port?

The romantic side of Sue loves to capture the maritime theme, our Port River dolphins (but never captured one jumping, swimming yes but not jumping), the clouds, sunsets and sunrises, the nature around her, the human interaction (kissing under the rising or setting sun, wedding on the beach, by the river, on one of the little romantic quiet places around the heart of the Port, etcetera).

Her adventurous side love the Outback, the silence, the different shades of colours, the wildlife, the nature, the ruins (maybe you did see photos of her Outback series).

Sue thinks her love to preserve old buildings in her photos before the have to make way for modern buildings is inherited, her daddy was engineer (buildings, bridges, roads, infrastructure) and carried her on his arms to his clients before she even could walk, Sue also thinks that she got the passion for photography from her father, she says he never left the house without one of his cameras. Sue loves doing photos of objects for the Real Estate business and for private clients.

Her wilder site -or is it the tomboy in her- likes her to photograph motorbikes, cars, oldtimers. trucks/roadtrains, mining equipment, airplanes, helicopters, trains etcetera. She ones thundered a truck over an European well known race course, liked her motorbikes (mostly choppers), drove speed hill-climbing, loves doing aerials from on-board a chopper, was for some years official photographer of an racing club.

Then we have Sue's industrial side, it seems also inherited from her daddy: she loves to photograph machinery from small to big on construction sides, loves to capture every little detail of engines.

You see you have in Sue a very versatile photographer but let's not forget that her interaction with people makes her private clients feel good and relaxed when working with them, so you also can book her for every kind of photography you like to have done.

Procedure (interested private / business parties): It depends on the urgency the job has to be done and latest until when you need the results, normally:

  • You contact Sue about a photo shooting
  • Sue will ask you some questions and emails you an questionnaire with your
  • individual number
  • You fill it in, email or fax it back to Sue's office
  • You get a quote especially designed for your needs.
  • When you accept we go ahead.

Stockphotos / Prints: similar as above

Note for other photographers: Please ask for SSP's photographers network or subscribe to the newsletter, there are some interesting things coming up in 2015 which could be of interest for you.

General information

  • Industrial photography
  • Maritime (all kind of ships no matter if big or small)
  • Nature (Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape, Flora & Fauna)
  • Portraits / Casual sessions, adults/children/pets at your home/garden/preferred place, nature or studio
  • Transport (trucks, oldtimers, cars, planes/choppers, motorbikes, trains, buses, etc..)
  • Sports (boats, motorbikes, cars, etc.)
  • Weddings
  • Skyscape


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