Old School is Best!

I started photography at age 19 as reporter and freelance photographer for a newspaper and youth magazines. This was the good old days where we photographers worked with film, didn’t have any chance to see our work on a display like we do today. Each shot you had to think through to get the image right straight away and this is still my target with today’s SLR cameras.

I won some competitions where the prize money came handy to buy new cameras or equipment. Nowadays I still enter in national and international competitions and you’ll see some of these photos here too. From time to time you can see some of my photos also displayed in exhibitions.

It takes more than talent

Photography is Art, you have to think of what you like to capture, what you like to tell with your photos as every photo is telling a story. Also you have to calculate your camera setting, the available light, often enough to check out upfront the set where your photos shall be taken.

After a photo shooting don’t end our work as photographer, we have to process the photos and to keep them safe for the future, so I not even safe my clients and private photos on the hard drive of my computer, I also safe them on external hard drives, usb sticks and cd’s and in addition in a cloud. As I like my to keep the photos as natural as possible but if you as my client wish I’m able to provide you your photos edited in bright colours so as you often see them in magazines, even if my heart is bleeding to see a lake instead of it’s beautiful blue shades covered in deep purple colours.

You can have the good stuff

All photos you see here on my website are FOR SALE!I work with a graphic designer and a printing company so if you like a big canvas print -for example for your office or you home- can soon hanging on your wall.Should you prefer to let a print do by a company to your liking you can buy the original file. Just ask me for a quote.


Should you consider to book me for a photo shooting at your home, in the nature or in a studio please ask also for a quote.

The standard price is $35 per hour and excludes travelling outside a 20km radius of the Port Adelaide area.

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